Terris Jewell

Terris Jewell

Terris graduated from the N.A.I.T business program in 1999. Throughout his land career Terris has worked on numerous projects in Alberta and Saskatchewan. He is well versed in the AER – D56 and NEB Early Public Notification requirements. He has successfully completed land acquisition programs on several projects, including the Corridor Pipeline Expansion, Access Mainline Pipeline and IPF Bow River. Terris has consulted on trapper damages, acquired Temporary Working Space Agreements, Access Road Agreements, Surface Leases, and Crown Occupant Consents. He has significant pipeline construction experience having worked as a construction landowner liaison on numerous projects. He has also completed the assessments and negotiations for post construction damage settlements. Terris has successfully managed various projects such as TCPL Coronado Extension, Enbridge Pipeline Line Four Expansion, IPF Bow River Segregation and Enbridge Clipper Spreads 3, 4, 5, 6.

Direct Experience:
  • Access Pipeline Mainline, EDL, Trico
  • Inter Pipeline Fund Corridor Expansion Pipeline Project
  • Praxair TUC Expansion Pipeline
  • Petro Canada (Fort Hills) Upgrader Land Acquisition
  • True Energy Inc. (previously know as Prairie Schooner Petroleum Ltd)
  • Suncor Upgrader Land Acquisition
  • Enbridge Pipelines Clipper Project
  • Encana – various Well sites and Programs
  • MD Energy Various Well sites and Pipelines
  • TransCanada keystone XL Pipeline
  • TransCanada NGTL Coronado Expansion Line
  • TransCanada Buffalo Creek West Pipeline
  • TransCanada Birchwood Creek Pipeline
  • TransCanada Buffalo Crossover Project Pipeline
  • TCPL-Edson Gas Storage
  • Inter Pipeline Fund Bow River Pipeline Segregation
  • Aux Sable
  • Keyera FSCS

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